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Issuing time:2019-04-24 19:57

With the rapid development of the smart home industry, smart home services are more and more accepted by consumers, the current smart home classification is divided into smart home systems, smart products, smart devices these three categories, today we will specifically explain how to distinguish these three categories.

Smart home system

Generally speaking, smart home system is a system that controls all smart home devices through the host gateway.

The small categories in the smart home system are: host gateway, intelligent lighting, security alarm, home appliance control, curtain Windows, smart door locks, home theater, background music, scene control, environmental control, health and safety, video surveillance, repeater, protocol converter, video intercom, intelligent modules and other categories.

Here to the host gateway to do a detailed introduction: smart host gateway is the core of the smart home system, all other smart devices want to linkage must be achieved through the smart host gateway.

Two-way wireless transmission, smart home products are using two-way wireless transmission, the system switch status can be immediately displayed, at a glance.

Fast installation and maintenance, smart home systems all adopt wireless transmission, easy installation, and easy to move and re-install.

Easy to operate, smart home system is not limited by time, space and hardware, can be operated anytime and anywhere, and can be controlled by smart phones, tablets and computers.

Smart item

Smart item is a single smart product controlled by mobile phone APP, compared with smart home system, smart item can only achieve a single aspect of intelligence, such as the smart lock in the single item.

The small categories of smart products are: health monitoring, switch socket, camera, doorbell cat eye, children's smart products, elderly smart products, environmental monitoring, alarm security, smart box, smart lights, irrigation and pet feeding, audio and video entertainment, creative smart products, smart locks, smart mirror, smart bracelet, etc.

Some products in the smart products can also play a similar function to the smart home system, but compared with the smart home system, there are some gaps.

Here is the switch socket to make an introduction:

The smart socket in the smart single product can be inserted on the ordinary socket board to immediately turn the ordinary socket into a smart socket, which can play the role of energy saving, environmental protection, safety protection and so on. When using the smart socket, users only need to set the time in advance, and when the time is up, they can immediately power off. Smart socket is now a very common smart item.

Intelligent device

Smart devices are relatively large smart products in smart home systems and smart items, including smart suits. Now the common smart equipment is smart air conditioning, smart TV and so on.

The small categories of smart equipment are: smart home appliances, smart robots, smart sets, smart kitchen, smart bathroom, air purification, intelligent sweeper, HVAC water purification, smart watches, smart furniture, etc.

Here, take the smart suit as an example:

Smart suite is a combination of smart home products that can play a similar function. Generally, smart suite is a smart home system product, and various products in the suite can interconnect and maximize the function

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