Where is the British brand ERABEE ahead of the smart home?

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In 1995, Bill Gates made a prediction in The Road to the Future: "In the near future, homes without smart home systems will be as outdated as homes without Internet access."

More than 20 years later, the smart home life envisioned by Bill Gates is being realized bit by bit. Today, smart control panels, smart door locks, smart curtains, smart toilets, cameras... Has gradually become the standard in the family, these smart home, smart hardware, security monitoring and other software systems under the management of APP, forming an ecosystem of interconnection between devices.

Ms. Deng, general manager of ERABEE Greater China, described: "With the development of Internet of Things technology and 5G technology, the smart home industry has begun to move towards the era of 'whole house intelligence', and the linkage scene that was once unimaginable has entered our lives, which greatly improves the quality of life compared with traditional home, and the whole house intelligence has become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry."

Used to smart phones, can you return to the original button phone? Used to driving new energy vehicles, but also willing to drive fuel vehicles? The answer is obvious. The development of technology has introduced users to the era of AI intelligence, giving us unprecedented experiences and changing the way we live. ERABEE is convinced of this.

From single products to the whole house, who is the "new blue ocean" of the industry?

Recently, IDC released the "China Smart Home Device Market Quarterly Tracking Report (2021Q2)", the data show that in the first half of 2021, China's smart home device market total shipments of about 100 million units, 2021 annual shipments are expected to be 230 million units, an increase of 14.6%. With total smart home shipments approaching 540 million units in 2025, whole-house smart solutions will be an important engine for market growth over the next five years.

From the market point of view, the current smart home industry is in a period of rapid development, and the dividend continues to highlight. Before 2017, most smart home manufacturers on the market are doing product iteration and innovation around a single product, but with the improvement of consumers and B-end enterprises' demand for intelligence, the market gradually prefers the development of interconnection and smart home scenarios, and the dividend effect of smart home will also enable the "whole house intelligence".

ERABEE Whole House Intelligence Compared to the point-to-point direct command control of smart items, whole house intelligence is very different. The whole house intelligent system has a complete set of capabilities of active perception, analysis and calculation, and automatic regulation. It connects multiple intelligent devices with a central processor to achieve point-to-multipoint and point-to-multifaceted command control. In addition, the advantages of the whole house intelligence in product richness, intelligence level, system stability, and product experience are far more than intelligent single products. Therefore, the development of smart single products to the whole house intelligence is not only a technical breakthrough, but also a qualitative leap in the sense of user experience.

In recent years, more and more real estate developers model rooms, hardcover rooms, have joined the whole house smart home system, ERABEE whole house smart home system has gradually become the standard and the trend. Because of this, ERABEE Eribi whole house intelligence is bound to become the next tipping point, and this field will also become the "new blue ocean" of the industry.

What hard power is needed for the development of whole-house intelligence?

As we all know, smart home is not an industry that can be achieved overnight, and there is no accumulation of technology for more than 10 years, which can not support the actual scenario application.

For example, ERABEE "whole House smart" requires all products in the smart home to run on a unified platform and follow a unified standard. Therefore, this puts forward two requirements for the development of whole-house intelligence: on the one hand, there must be a variety of high-quality intelligent products to solve the compatibility, stability and reliability of smart home products; On the other hand, it is necessary to build a larger and more comprehensive smart home system platform, and truly realize the interconnection of smart products, or even "one call."

With the development of smart homes, whole-house intelligence is not limited to a single product intelligence. The lack of experience of the online sales model can not be fundamentally close to the user, only through the offline experience store, users can feel the connectivity between products, as well as the convenience brought by intelligent space.

Only in this way can we accelerate the healthy development of the whole house intelligence and make intelligence better serve people's better life.

Why is ERABEE the frontrunner for whole-house intelligence

At the same time that the whole house intelligence is booming, it has also created a group of excellent whole house smart home enterprises in the world. Among them, the whole house intelligent manufacturers represented by ERABEE are developing rapidly, including Xiaomi, Huawei and other brands, and everyone's achievements are very bright.

In addition, in addition to the ultra-high high-end market share, as a representative of the high-end whole-house intelligent industry, ERABEE's customer unit price is far higher than that of its industry rivals. According to ERABEE ERABEE official introduction, the average customer unit price of Erabee Erabee is 150,000 yuan, far higher than the average level of the peer 15,000 yuan, leading the industry with record single-family sales.

Under the tense situation under the epidemic environment, ERABEE Erabi can also grow so against the trend, not only thanks to the support of the policy for the whole house smart home market, but also from the profound insight of the enterprise itself on the industry trend and the deep cultivation of the whole house smart industry for 10 years.

It is understood that more than 10 years of focus on the whole house smart home system research and development, production and sales, ERABEE with strong independent research and development strength, high-speed growth of business capabilities, has been highly recognized by many countries. As the industry's current in-depth technology and brand enterprises, ERABEE Erbi through the Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, voice recognition and other smart technologies, to build an interconnected home Internet of things, to create the global smart home market "Apple".

Count the development process of the smart home industry, the smart home industry is moving from the era of single products to the era of scene. Based on the leading ERABEE intelligent center screen X series products and the self-developed whole-house intelligent operating system ErABeE-LAX, ERABEE has created a complete whole-house intelligent product matrix and ecology, including intelligent lighting, intelligent HVAC, security monitoring and other product series are in the industry leading position; ERABEE also redesigned the intelligent way of home basic environmental appliances, to give users a more comfortable, multi-modal, active living interaction experience and a more systematic and efficient home equipment management to connect more life services, to provide the majority of domestic users with a quality, green, healthy intelligent lifestyle.

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