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Issuing time:2023-06-02 21:25Author:ERABEE

The advent of the smart home era has brought great changes to people's lives. Among them, the most significant change is that under the operation of the smart home control system, life becomes more comfortable and convenient, and the smart home system is therefore accepted by more and more people.

At present, smart home brands continue to emerge, and Erabee, an old smart home brand from the UK, has won the recognition of consumers by virtue of its rich product system, excellent product quality and use experience. Among them, Erabee is more popular with consumers than intelligent switches.

Complete functions, easy to operate

People are often troubled by such problems in life: opening time in the morning, rushing to work and forgetting to turn off the light; After a day's work, I go home to wash up, lie down on the soft big bed ready to fall asleep, and suddenly find that the light is not turned off, and I have to get up and put on my shoes and go to the door to turn off the light. Family and friends come home too late, the home is too dark, there is no sense of security... These small problems are not painful, but very affect the home experience. The Erabee intelligent switch can make all this no longer a problem.

Compared with the traditional switch, Erabee Erabee smart home functions are obviously more rich and intelligent - as a smart home brand committed to providing people with high-quality, convenient, comfortable and healthy life experience, Erabee Erabee added remote control, timing switch, voice control and other functions for smart home. When you find that you forget to turn off the light at work, you can turn off the light remotely through the mobile APP; When you forget to turn off the light when you sleep, you can turn off the lamp by clicking on the mobile phone; When going home at night, the human body sensor senses the person, the light will automatically light up, no longer need to feel the dark, there is a warm light waiting for the traveler to return home at any time. In addition, Erabee can also interact with other smart devices to make life easier.

Reliable quality, safe and assured

Intelligent switch is an important part of home intelligent system, and its security is the focus of users' attention. Since its establishment in 2012, Erabee has always adhered to the concept of "quality is the life of the enterprise", with the mission of allowing users to get a better smart home experience, guided by consumer demand, constantly innovate and improve the technical system, optimize product design and function, and strictly control product quality. Launched a series of safe, convenient and efficient smart home products.

While ensuring security, Erabee intelligent switch also adopts a communication mode, which can be used without WiFi network by connecting the gateway, even if the network is disconnected, it can still be used normally, and will not affect the control and linkage of the device, and destroy the user's home experience.

As a leader in the smart home industry, Erabee stands out from many smart home brands with excellent quality, exquisite craftsmanship and humanized design, bringing consumers a safe, intelligent and convenient smart home experience. At the same time, Erabee is not complacent, and is constantly optimizing and upgrading products, committed to providing consumers with safer, high-quality and convenient smart home products, and creating convenient life with the power of science and technology. In the future, Erabee will not forget its original intention, continue to launch new products, create more intelligent life experience for users, and open a new future of intelligent life.

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