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Erabee is a British brand enterprise specializing in smart home, smart hotel, and smart office. Since its establishment, Erabee Smart Home Co., Ltd. has developed step by step with the business philosophy of "strategy first, business success, and management oriented", becoming one of the UK's similar enterprises with a wide range of business scope and influence in the industry. With independent research and development, design, production and sales, and an international trade department, Erabee provides services to more than 120 regions, operating products such as smart home systems, switch panels, electric curtains, multi-functional load smart screens, sensors, surveillance cameras, intelligent adjustment of lighting, and a full range of smart home scene products.

Quality is the life of an enterprise, and relying on quality to expand market share is a reliable way for the sustainable development of an enterprise. Enterprises providing high-quality products not only fulfill their social responsibilities, but also gain social recognition, expand market share, and seek reliable ways for sustainable development.

Innovation is the "driving force" for promoting high-quality development of enterprises, further strengthening management concept innovation, accelerating the transformation of thinking mode, breaking through the limitations of traditional management thinking mode, fully improving organizational flexibility, and highlighting the three basic concepts of market leadership, technology leadership, and talent leadership.

As a technology company in the United Kingdom, Erabee Smart Home Co., Ltd. has been continuously innovating products, breaking through technology, and independently developing and designing smart home products such as ZigBee modules, Bluetooth Mesh, RF, and sensors. With a complete ecosystem of smart homes, we will continue to develop new products to meet various needs of the population.

The main advantageous products of Erabee Smart Home Co., Ltd. include:

1: Erabee-LAX whole-house control gateway

2: Erabee-M6 intelligent switch (PC+ glass material)

3: Erabee-CGQ human infrared sensor, water sensor, door sensor

4: Erabee-SXT HD wireless webcam

5: Erabee-ZWS 3D face recognition remote fingerprint lock

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